Main site colors - All the main colors for homepage, gamepages and more.
Colors - Gray and brand colors for use across Bootstrap.
Scaffolding - Settings for some of the most global styles.
Typography - Font, line-height, and color for body text, headings, and more.
Components - Define common padding and border radius sizes and more. Values based on 14px text and 1.428 line-height (~20px to start).
Tables - Customizes the `.table` component with basic values, each used across all table variations.
Buttons - For each of Bootstrap's buttons, define text, background and border color.
Forms - test
Media queries breakpoints - Define the breakpoints at which your layout will change, adapting to different screen sizes.
Grid system - Define your custom responsive grid.
Pager -
Jumbotron -
Form states and alerts - Define colors for form feedback states and, by default, alerts.
Tooltips -
Popovers -
Labels -
Modals -
Alerts - Define alert colors, border radius, and padding.
Progress bars -
List group -
Panels -
Thumbnails -
Wells -
Badges -
Close -
Code -
Type -
Miscellaneous -
Container sizes - Define the maximum width of `.container` for different screen sizes.